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Taskbar Disappearing Fix

The Windows taskbar is the horizontal bar that you find at the bottom of your screen when your computer system is turned on. The taskbar is a great way to find programs quickly and efficiently. It can be frustrating when the taskbar is missing. The taskbar could be missing because you invoked it to hide by mistake. Perhaps, the reason why you can't see your taskbar is because you made it so thin that it is close to impossible to see it. In that case, it is easy to undo. This can be frustrating when this happens without you touching a key. So, let's look at how we can go about fixing this.

Step.1 - Hover the cursor around the bottom of the screen. The taskbar should pop up when you do this.

Step.2 - Right-click on the toolbar and follow the menu to open properties

Step.3 - On the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties, select Lock the taskbar box

Step.4 - If the Auto-hide the taskbar is selected undo it and make sure it is clear before you click OK

Situation where the taskbar is on the top, right or left-hand side of your screen

This usually occurs because you dragged it there. Or maybe someone else that is less experienced with computer messed with it. Whichever is the case, click and drag the bar back to the bottom-> Right-click the toolbar as usual -> Click on properties-> select lock the taskbar box and Click Ok.

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