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TuneUp Utilities Review

TuneUp Utilities - Version 2010tuneup utilities review

TuneUp Utilities is one of the first-rate PC optimizers that fixes computer errors and makes your computer run more efficiently. This is a great piece of software for the average computer user who may have trouble keeping up with all of the different maintenance utilities since it provides the user with all of the utilities you need in one place.

TuneUp utilities is a multi-functional software package that includes a registry cleaner, registry defrags, TuneUp speed optimizer, and TuneUp start-up manager. A lot of the things this software does can be found in other free software or in windows itself. Also, TuneUp utilities provides an easier to use interface compared to some other utilities/tools.

Ease of Use

As stated earlier, this software is very easy to use. The navigation is divided into 6 clearly defined categories. Each category has a nice description and does exactly what you would think it would do. Their is also a "1-click maintenance" button. The 1-click maintenance works great and I don't think you can get any easier than that. To go along with ease of use, the install process was quick and straight forward as well.

PC Optimization

TuneUp Utilities does a great job with PC optimization. It has great defrag and disk cleanup tools that work much better than the Windows tools. The startup manager makes it very easy to optimize your startup programs and consequently lower your startup times. This program also does a great job optimizing memory. From top to bottom, the optimization tools for this software are excellent.

Other Features

One more nice thing about this piece of software is that it spares you the hassle of inserting your operating system installation CD to repair your OS because TuneUp Utilities can patch up OS problems with just a few clicks. Overall, the repair and recovery tools that are included with this software are top notch.

One last feature we really liked is the file shredder. The file shredder ensures that you delete that files permanently. This is handy when deleting sensitive information.


The only negative criticism we have about this software is that the registry cleaner was not the best we found. However, the registry cleaner is still good and one of the best, but just not THE best. Also, it should be noted that the registry cleaner did seem to beat out other free registry cleaners. We just noticed a few other paid software packages that had better cleaners.


Overall, we would consider TuneUp Utilities a good software package for the money. It is a good price compared to its competitors. We do want to note that we found PC Matic and SpeedUpMyPC to be a bit more effective overall. However, Tuneup Utilites was solid as well.

You can find more information at TuneUp Utilitiestuneup utilities.

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