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How to Optimize Droid Razr Battery

How to Optimize Droid Razr Battery

I recently upgraded from a Blackberry to a Motorola Droid Razr. I have to say that I am very impressed with the Droid Razr so far. It has a huge screen, it has a ton of cool apps, and the built in features such as GPS, camera, Google maps are quite an upgrade when compared to my Blackberry. The one thing that my old Blackberry had when compared to the Droid was more battery life. I could get 3-5 days out of my old Blackberry. These days, most Androids and iPhones can only get a day or two at most. However, out of the box, my Droid Razr wouldn't even last a day. So, I did a bit of research and found a few ways to increase the battery life of my Razr. Now, I am getting 1-2 days of battery life assuming I am not making a ton of calls or browsing the web for long periods of time.

1) Turn off Background data

Turning the background data off had the biggest impact on my Razr's battery life. You can turn this off from Settings -> Accounts and Sync. In Ice cream sandwich, you may have to add the "Power Control" widget to easily turn off background data. In ICS, you can add this widget by going to "Apps"-> "Widgets" and then finding and adding the Power Control widget. On the Power Control Widget, the background data can be turned off by clicking the logo that looks like a "sync" logo. This is located 2nd from the right. The Power Control App allow you to toggle "Wi-Fi", "Bluetooth", "GPS", "Background Sync", and "Screen Brightness".

2) Turn Off GPS and Bluetooth

Out of the box, GPS is always on by default. For me, bluetooth was off by default. I would recommend turning these both off and then turning them on when you need them. You can use the previously talked about Power Control Widget to manage GPS and bluetooth as well.

3) Connect to Wi-Fi when available

Wi-Fi uses much less battery than 4G. When at home, I would suggest connecting to Wi-Fi. However, another tip is that when you leave your house, make sure to turn Wi-Fi off unless you are trying to connect to a specific network. If you leave it on while out, the phone will continue to look for networks which can use up battery.

With the above tips, you should be able to see a significant increase in battery life. If you still want to improve battery life, you can start looking into screen brightness, uninstalling battery hog apps, and setting up built-in smart actions.

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