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Setting Pictures as a Screensaver

Having your pictures do more than just reminding you of some great times in your life is great. With a few simple steps, those pictures lying around your house could be used for screensavers and disabled whenever you want. Even if the pictures are not digital, you can scan the pictures and then transfer them to your computer.

First of all, the pictures you want to use must be in the "My Pictures" folder. You can also transfer pictures of any file format from your digital camera or other electronic device to your PC via a USB chord or a memory card adaptor.

After the pictures are in place, you can the tweak the Screensaver properties to display pictures in the "My Pictures" folder. The pictures you don't want to be included in the display should be removed from the My pictures folder and stored in a different folder on the desktop. Click on Start -> Control Panel-> Click on Appearance and Theme-> Choose a screen saver -> on the screen saver tab click on my picture slideshow -> Click Ok.

Alternatively, if you are using Windows Vista, right-click on an empty space on your desktop-> On the menu choose personalize-> click on screen saver-> Choose photos and select the pictures you want -> click save and OK. The way to do this in Windows 7 is very similar to Windows Vista.

Now, you are all set and can enjoy seeing your pictures as your screensaver. To undo this change, simply reverse the follow the same steps as above choosing a different screensaver option.

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