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How To Turn on Windows Automatic Update

Security experts advise that we should always install updates for our computer operating systems as soon as they are available. To make a computer secure, regular updating is essential. Every day, security threats are uncovered that are targeting computer systems. Disgruntled hackers are never asleep. They are always trying to take advantage of bugs in the Windows operating system to commit all kinds of cybercrimes. Sometimes, they use other security loopholes in Windows' supported software programs to gain access to your computer.

It is highly important to check for updates. Since we do not want to or have the time to check for updates manually every day, we can easily set the operating system to auto update itself. When we turn the automatic update on, only the important and recommended updates are downloaded and installed. To install the optional updates, we must manually download and install them as they are not installed automatically.

Auto Update Windows 7

To enable Windows 7 updating automatically, click start button --> Start Menu-->Control Panel--> System and Security --> On the System and Security section, you can now choose to turn automatic update on or off.

Auto Update Windows Vista

1. To enable automatic update, click on the start button.
2. Click on All Programs
3. Click on Windows Update
4. Click Change Settings
5. Select Install Updates Automatically and Click Ok.

To install optional updates, click on Start button -> Control Panel->Control Panel Home-> Check for Updates. Now, Click view available updates -> Install Updates.

Auto Update in Windows XP

This is also easy, click on the start button -> Control Panel-> Automatic Updates. You can also follow this path to enable automatic update in Windows Vista. Also, when a fresh copy of Windows is being installed, we are always prompted to enable automatic updates which is recommended.

Disable Auto Update Restart

Whether you set your operating system to auto update or not, you would always be prompted to restart the computer immediately your system finishes downloading and installing updates. Not everyone likes this. You may be amongst those that find this annoying. To disable this feature:

Click the start menu--> Run--> Type in ''gpedit.msc'' without the quotes--> Local Group Policy Editor--> Computer Configuration--> Administrative Template--> Windows Components--> scroll down and select Windows update. Now, double click on no auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installations. On the properties Windows change from Not Configured to Enable -> Click OK.

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