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How To Replace A Laptop Power Jack

When your laptop power jack is faulty, you will find it impossible to start your computer. For you to be sure that the DC jack is the cause of the problem, you may want to insert an already charged battery and see if the computer would come up. If you can start your computer on a charged battery without connecting it to the charger, then your power jack may be faulty. Follow the steps below to repair a laptop power supply problem. Please keep in mind this is an ADVANCED TASK. Also, make sure that the laptop is not plugged in when attempting to replace the power jack. Lastly, you will need a soldering iron and either a solder sucker or solder wick to perform this task.

Step.1 - Remove the Cover

Turn the laptop over facing down and take the battery off. Remove the screws with the right size screwdriver and put them all in a container so you don't lose them. Take off the plastic cover. Remove the RAM. Turn the computer to the left-hand side and remove the DVD ROM/Device.

Step.2 - Remove Power Plate

Remove the screws from the plastic hinges and gently try to remove the plastic power plate. A good idea for this step is to check out how to remove the power plate from your laptop manual to make sure you are doing it correctly.

Step.3 - Remove the keyboard

With the screwdriver, remove the screws holding the keyboard. Take precaution while raising the data cable.

Step.4 - Remove the hard drive.

Look for the rectangular plastic cover, which is the bay for the hard drive, remove the screws, and take out the hard drive assembly.

Step.5 - Remove motherboard/touchpad

Remove the touchpad cable from the motherboard: remove the screws holding the heat sink to the processor, and take the motherboard out.

Step.6 - Desoldering

Locate the power jack and make sure it is in front of you. Use the soldering iron along with the solder sucker or solder wick to loosen the old jack. Gently remove the jack after all 3 contacts have been desoldered.

Step.7 - New power jack

With a soft toothbrush, wipe off the flux on the terminals only and gently replace the old power jack with a new one.

Now to replace the jack, the Jack must be placed on a soft and flat surface with the pins facing up. Turn the motherboard upside down as well and so that the jack terminal inserts properly to the motherboard.

Step.8 - Reassemble

Solder the terminals. You must allow time the terminals to dry. Now, put the laptop back together doing the opposite of the steps above.

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