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Remove Autofill and Browsing History in FireFox, IE, Safari, and Chrome

Autofill is an Internet browser function that automatically fills in usernames and passwords. For security and personal reasons, you may not want a browser to create autofilled entries of your username and password. A visitor may try to login to their Facebook account, for example, but end up accessing your account instead. The risk is greater on public computers.

It is not a good idea to access important accounts on a public or shared computer. If you have to, however, it is important you clear the browser history and autofill entries. We will be looking at how to delete browser history each time you are done with a browsing session. The steps are almost the same on all browsers.


To delete autofill, cache, cookies, browsing and download history, active logins, and site preferences in Mozilla Firefox, click on Tools -> Clear Recent History -> on the time range to clear. Follow the drop down menu to select everything. Next, on the Details section, select everything and click on Clear Now.

Internet Explorer

To clear autofill, cookies, cache, and other browsing history in Internet Explorer, click on Tools or hold the ALT key and press X. Click on Internet options -> Select delete browsing history on exit and click the delete button.

Now you know how to delete saved passwords, history, cookies, and temporary files on your Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome

To clear history on your Google Chrome browser, go to the spanner icon on your right -> tools -> follow the drop down menu -> click on Clear Browsing Data. Select the period you want to clear data for and click on the clear browsing data button. You’ve just learned how to clear autofill, cache, cookies, site data, download history, and browsing history.


To prevent autofill, click on the 'display menu of general safari settings'. This is located on the right-hand side. Go to Preferences > under advanced click on change settings -> general -> select delete browsing history on exit.

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