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Home Automation System

Wireless home automation, no doubt, adds to the value of a house. It is one of the few ways to add a touch of high-tech savvy to one's home. In fact, many things in the house can be controlled from a remote area. Such things include home computer system, security gadgets, climate control, home theatre, lighting, music, and more.

History of Home Automation

Before the invention of the integrated home automation system, there were other ways of automating the garage and lighting of a house, although by different systems, each of them with a single function. Then, to get a home fully automated, several systems had to be installed. However, today's cutting-edge technology integrates all the systems in one; making it possible for a person in a house to control virtually all home appliances from one place. In fact, wireless automated system makes life so easy in such a way that it is possible to control a water fountain, garage door, and lawn sprinkler with a single wireless home automation system (integrated).

Wireless home automation does not require any form of physical wiring, thereby making installation the easiest thing to do after the design of the wireless automated system for a house is completed. It takes away the need to break into walls to hide a wire or a cable.

Security and Surveillance

In today's world of great uncertainty, a good home security and surveillance system can help save a life. It could help fend off intruders and prevent terrible crime from happening. A cam can be hidden in the house. Some as small as the button of a shirt and others so tiny that they can be hidden inside a living room ornament. A ground sensor device detects movement of objects especially on lawns. Security vaults in banks and jewellery stores use automated system technology. Usually the security and surveillance system includes the following common parts: camera, screen splitters, hard disk drive, video recorder, sequencer, and switcher.

Home Audio System

Wireless home automation makes it possible for people to control their home audio system giving it any unique sound quality of their choice. The music volume from a home theatre blaring out of speakers in various rooms of a house can be controlled from a single location. A wireless automated system also makes it possible to send and transfer files from any given location in the house.

Home Video System

One major part of a home video system is the touchscreen which can display video clips of all the rooms in a house on one screen. In addition, zooming in and out of video footage is also possible. Today's home video system technology lets us capture footage from different views (front, back, left and right side views).

Depending on what an individual wants, wireless home automation technology can be deployed to do almost everything in a house from opening of a door for a visitor to the surprise opening of a wall that leads to a secret passage, or a Jacuzzi, and many more. In fact, wireless home automation is becoming increasingly popular these days. They were only possible in James Bond movies, but not anymore. Automated houses are almost everywhere now.

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