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Lower Your Windows Graphic Settings

Windows XP - Lowering Graphic Settings

Turning off or lowering Windows graphics will noticeably increase the speed of your computer. This is a great tip for older PCs. You can sacrifice some cool animations for performance with this tip. If you are running Windows 7, you may really be able to see some speed improvements since Windows 7 uses a lot of resources for its animations. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> System.
  • Go to the Advanced tab then click the settings button under Performance. You will be on the Visual Effects Tab.
  • Select button that says 'Adjust for best performance' and then hit OK.
  • That is it. Your computer should run a bit faster and all you lost were some graphics and animations.

Windows 7 and Vista - Lowering Graphic Settings

Adjusting the Windows graphics is similar in Windows 7 and Vista. To adjust all visual effects for best performance:

  • In Vista, Go to Start -> Control Panel -> System and Maintenance -> clicking Performance Information and Tools. In Windows 7, click Start -> Type "Performance Information and Tools" into the Search Box -> Click on "Performance Information and Tools"
  • Click "Adjust Visual Effects". If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
  • Click the Visual Effects tab, click Adjust for best performance, and then click OK. (As an intermediate stop, select Let Windows choose what’s best for my computer. If this is still too slow then I would select "adjust for best performance")

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