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Changing Your Homepage in Firefox and Internet Explorer

Being the huge internet user that I am, I have specific sites that I always go to. Search engines probably taking up the most of my time. I might search for products or do various other types of research. Therefore, instead of going to a news site like CNN, I would rather go straight to Google's page. From there, I have my Google Reader, which gives me the information I'm interested in on other blogs and news sites. Also, I have my email right there, and my search engine that I most frequently use. Instead of typing in the iGoogle URL each time, I have it set to my homepage to make it quicker to access.

Unfortunately, when you buy your first computer, they don't ask you what you want your homepage set to. Instead, they give you a default page, often linked to a search engine or site that would generate income from for your usage. Internet Explorer I believe owns MSN, which means that this is often the first site you would see in a typical fresh installation of Internet Explorer.

Firefox generates income each time you would use the Google search from their default page on their browser. Rumor has it that they have made hundreds of thousands of dollars from this tactic from Google, which is one reason why Google created their own browser.

If you want to change your homepage in one of these browsers, there is a really simple process to do this.

How to Change Your Homepage in Internet Explorer

1: Open your Internet Explorer
2: Click on "Tools" tab at the top. (Note: In Internet Explorer 7 this is located on the right side of the screen)
3: A popup window should now be open
4: Click on the "General" tab.
5: You should now see a blank area or the default homepage listed in "Home Page". You can simply type in your desired home page URL here.
6: Click "OK".

How to Change Your Homepage in Mozilla Firefox

1: Open your Mozilla Firefox.
2: Click on "Tools" tab at the top your screen.
3: You will need to scroll down and find the "Options" button.
4: A popup window should now be open.
5: Click on the "Main" tab.
6: Click on the "Start up" section. This should be at the top of the window.
7: Ensure that you have "Show my home page" selected for when Firefox starts up.
8: You can erase what is in the text box and type your preferred home page in.
9: Click "OK".

For either browser, you can simply close your web browser and open it up again to ensure that it is working. You should now see your custom selected homepage for either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox!

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