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Remove Source Information on Printed Internet Pages

When you print a page from the Internet, you'd find two things that could help anyone trace back the source of the page. First, and most obvious, is the domain name and the other is the date. These two pieces of information are often found on top or at the bottom of a print out. Internet browsers add this information to the print out. Therefore, to remove these 2 items, you must know how to do it in your browser of choice. Let's see how you can remove the source and date from print outs in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Remove Source Information in Internet Explorer 7

Step 1 - In your IE7, you will find a small printer icon.
Step 2 - Click the small printer icon to open page setup.
Step 3 - Next, go to file in the setup and then delete the text you see in the Header and Footer boxes.
Step 4 - Click OK and print.

Remove Source Information in IE8

Step 1. On the right corner, click on the Tools or press ALT + X.
Step 2. From the drop down click menu -> Print -> Page setup.
Step 3. On the page setup menu, change the URL, date, and time to empty.
Step 4. Click OK.

Remove Source Information in Firefox

As with other browsers, you can also change the print margin, print background color, the font, the type of paper, etc.

Step 1 - Go to the file button located at the left corner of the browser.
Step 2 - Click on "choose page setup".
Step 3 - Look for the Margins and Header/Folder tab. Follow the drop down list and select blank for all the items you don't want to appear on the print out. Things you may want to change to blank are the URL, date/time, and pagination.
Step 4 - Click OK.

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