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Cleaning an LCD

Are you in love with your LCD and hate it when dust particles, dirt, or any foreign particles ruin the beauty and elegance of the LCD? You should stop worrying and proactively enjoy the beautiful LCD screen as if it was brand new by following a routine cleaning process.

You can easily restore the LCD to "like new" condition by following a cleanliness schedule. The pertinent question being how you can clean the LCD so that its beauty, luster and effect is not tampered.

Some of the home-made solutions that may help in restoring the beauty and the class look of the LCD are as follows:

Water is an important item and it helps tremendously in cleaning the LCD. An easy mix of water and isopropyl alcohol (ratio 50:50) is a good combination to make your LCD shine bright. You can use a soft cotton cloth or an old handkerchief to clean the area with ease. The cloth should be very smooth and not coarse or you may create marks on the screen and it may act as an irritant in the cleaning process. Tissue papers, newspapers, toilet papers are a taboo and you may end up damaging your LCD screen. Another important thing that you should remember is that you should turn off the device before cleaning it. If the LCD is on, then there are higher chances of ruining it or their may be an unwanted mishap or accident. So, it is always a good idea to start by shutting off the LCD monitor first. While cleaning, you should not apply excessive pressure as this may damage the LCD. Using a gentle, circular motion to clean the LCD is the perfect way of cleaning it. You should switch on the device only after the LCD is dry.

Most of us consider the LCD as glass. This is wrong as the LCD screen is not a glass monitor. LCD stands for liquid crystal display. The LCD screen is a very fragile, delicate, and extremely sensitive thin film. This film can be easily damaged, so you should ensure that there are no smudges, scratches, ambiguous spots or any sort of blemishes on the LCD screen.

If you have an LCD television or a laptop, you should be aware that dust particles easily settle on the screen and cleaning this is a major task. Severe fingerprints are easily formed and cleaning it is very difficult. You should use the LCD screen with utmost care and vigilance. You should not make the mistake of using ordinary paper and tap water to clean the LCD screen. The unwanted chemicals and coarseness of the paper or cloth may cause smudges or scratches on the screen. You should use a microfiber cloth to clean the LCD screen. You should refrain from spraying anything directly on the screen as it may cause deadening of the pixels.

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