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Cleaning Your Mouse and Keyboard

The mouse and the computer keyword are both computer peripherals that make it possible for you to communicate with the computer. They are important so you should take good care of them by cleaning them regularly. Many of us donít do this and before long we start having problems ranging from dysfunctional keys on the keyboard to the mouse not responding as it should. These problems can be avoided by cleaning up the computer regularly.

Clean the Mouse

If you don't clean up your mouse regularly, it may stop working properly. You will start noticing instances where the mouse will occasionally stop responding to commands. Mice are of two types. We have the digital mouse and the analogue mouse. The analogue mouse functions with the help of a ball as you move it along the mouse pad. Most people have an optical or laser mouse these days. If you have one of these, you should simply just wipe down the top and bottom of your mouse to remove any germs or dirt that has built up. This will help you to keep the buttons working smoothly and the mouse moving slickly across the mouse pad.

If you still have a ball mouse, it is important that you clean this type of mouse. The ball is in a cavity which is covered with a plate. Open up the cavity and remove the ball. The cover to the cavity is usually some sort of plate and moving it clockwise or count-clockwise will make it come off easily.

Place the ball in your palm, dab a cloth in methylated spirit, and use it to wipe the ball clean. Wipe the cavity and the cover with a dry cloth.

Look inside the cavity, you should be able to see dust that has accumulated over time. Use a cloth to cover the head of a suitable size screwdriver and try to remove the dust. After that, use a compressed air to blow the cavity free of dust particles. Put back the ball into position and cover it up.

Remember to clean the mouse pad as well. You can wash the mouse pad in diluted soapy water. By cleaning the mouse pad, you can ensure that the mouse continues to move smoothly around the pad.

Clean the Keyboard

More germs are found on a keyboard than in a bathroom. This sounds strange, but it is the truth. This is partly because we donít care for the keyboard as we should. Some people eat in front of the computer and food particles can easily be deposited on or into the keyboard. Since we donít wipe it down always, food particles stay there for far too long.

To clean the keyboard, first, turn it upside down and lightly shake any dirt free. While you are still holding it upside down, use a clean brush to dust the keyboard thoroughly clean. Next, flip the keyboard back over and wipe it with a clean cloth. You can also use a can of compressed air to help you to remove the dirt from the hard to reach spots. Cleaning prevents dirt and dust from accumulating. This can also ensure that all keys continue to function properly.

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