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Create a Keyboard Shortcut to Open a Program, File, Or Folder

Are you aware that you can create a keyboard shortcut to open any folder on your computer? It is very easy to setup and it can be quite useful. The most exciting thing about this Windows feature is that you don't have to minimize any application to access another application, file, or folder. All you need to do is hold down the right keys.

For example, you could be reading an article on Google Chrome when you have the need to open up a Word or Excel file. You don't need to close Chrome, all you need to do is press the shortcut keys you set earlier. Below is a step-by-step approach for setting this up. Before we get into the steps to set this up, note that the file, folder, or application must have a shortcut on the desktop.

1. If it doesn't have a shortcut on the desktop, you will need to add this shortcut to the desktop. First, click the start button -> If the shortcut is not pinned to the start menu click All programs -> Locate and right-click the icon of the application -> Send to -> Follow the drop down menu and click desktop.

2. Locate the shortcut of the application on the desktop and right-click -> click on Properties-> Click on shortcut-> Fill out any key of your choice, let's say letter "M". You will need to hold the letter "M" down for a while until the operating system adds Ctrl+Alt to the letter M, making it Ctrl+Alt+M, all together.

3. Click Apply and then Ok to complete the process.

Congratulations! You have just successfully created a keyboard shortcut to open an application, folder, or file. In addition, you can always change the key to whatever key you want. Setting certain programs, files, or folders to keyboard shortcuts can be very helpful and can make you even more efficient on the computer.

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