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GMail Keyboard Shortcuts

If you use Gmail as your favored e-mail platform, you're probably aware of how reliable, fast, and efficient this e-mail provider can be. However, if you're interested in learning new productivity tricks, you should know there are simple keyboard shortcuts you can use to get things done faster and more efficiently without the need to reach for the mouse.

Before you set out to learn these useful keyboard shortcuts for gmail, there are two things you should keep in mind:

1) To use the shortcuts, you'll need a standard 101/102 key keyboard or a natural PS/2 keyboard. Some of these functions may not work on certain compact USB keyboards or even some regular laptop keyboards.

2) Even if you have a compatible keyboard, you won't be able to use the shortcuts until you activate the "keyboard shortcuts" option on gmail, under the "Settings" link (usually on the top right of the screen).

Most useful gmail keyboard shortcuts:

The following list is comprised of the most useful shortcuts, but there are dozens more.If you want to see a full list with all the available gmail keyboard shortcuts, make sure to check out the official support page here.

Compose new message - press "c"

Compose new message in a new window press "shift and c"

Forward message - press "f"

Move to first conversation in a series - press "j"

Move to latest conversation in a series - press "k"

Move to next message - press "n"

Move to previous message - press "p"

Open conversation or expand/collapse a message - press "o"

Prompt to search box - press "\"

Reply to message to current sender - press "r"

Report Spam - press "!"

Save current draft - press "CTRL and s"

Star a message or conversation - press "s"

Undo previous action - press "z"

Don't underestimate the benefits of using keyboard shortcuts in gmail. Once you learn to use all the appropriate keyboard shortcuts, you'll be likely to improve your productivity and get the most out of the time you spend browsing your e-mail. If you quit over-relying on your mouse you'll be amazed with how much faster you'll get things done.

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