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Useful Gmail Account Features

Gmail is a free web-based email service by the search engine giant, Google. Although there are other free web-based email services out there, none is as good as having a Gmail account. We never knew this for sure until we took a closer look. We were very impressed.

There are many cool features in Gmail. To enable some of the nice features in Gmail, you have to click on the gear symbol (option) on the upper left hand side of your Gmail account. Follow the drop down menu and click on labs. Although Google Labs is a place for experimental features, which can change or disappear at any time, some features have been there for a long time and are going nowhere. Let's take a look at some of the cool features.

Translate Emails in Gmail with Google Translation

It is possible to translate a message in your inbox from one language to the other in a Gmail account. To enjoy this feature, you would have to enable Google translation feature (option -> message translation-> save changes).

Extra Emoji

I do like this feature because it brings life to an email message. The 'recently used emoji 'feature takes it further by keeping track of your favourite emoji so you can easily access it.

Sender Time Zone in Gmail

This feature allows you to know a sender's time zone. It guides you as you go about replying to an email message. This is useful when sending emails to people around the world.

Custom keyboard shortcuts

For someone who sends many messages every day, the custom keyboard features come in handy. You can create shortcuts to create a new message, to check your inbox, and to reply to a message. You can find out more about Gmail Shortcuts.

Undo Send in Gmail

This is another great feature. There are times that you send a message and immediately realize you needed to add some more lines or maybe even a file to it. This feature takes care of that. The way it works is that it delays the message for a few seconds so you can always stop, edit, and send it again.

SMS in Chat and SMS in Chat gadget

These two features, when enabled, let's you send and receive text messages. This can be a very useful feature when you need to text but don't want to be on your phone all day.

Google Voice Player in Mail

I love this feature. It allows you to send and receive voicemails through your Gmail account. I told a friend about it and he sent me a voicemail the following day.

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