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Retrieving the Windows Product Key

A product key or a CD key can be best described as a specific software key which is used to open or unlock the software so that it can be used by the computer. The computer product key is extremely essential as it says that the software that you are using is not fake, rather is genuine. The key is used to activate the software on your system. The product key is like the password that is a mix of numbers and alphabetical characters that are then verified by the computer. They are the only methods for someone to ensure that software piracy is curbed. The product key is extremely important for use of the software. They become so essential that when they are misplaced or lost, the entire package can be rendered useless. This makes it very difficult for users and is a major inconvenience.

Whatever the case might be, without the product key, the software is rendered ineffective. You cannot use the software without the key. The windows software uses a product key as well, both for the operating system as well as the Office software.

So, what happens if you lose your product key? How do you retrieve the product key?

The methods of retrieval of the product key for the different operating system are shown here:

Find Windows 7 Product Key

What one has to do is to find a free product key finder program that helps in locating the key, as finding the key manually in the program is almost next to impossible due to the level of sophistication in its encryption. The key finder comes with a set of instructions. One has to download it and then follow the instructions as they are mentioned in the program. The product key consists of 5 sets of 5 numbers when you find it. Then, you have to enter it as it is mentioned when you run the installation wizard of the program. The product key is so encrypted that even if one character is typed incorrectly, then it will be rendered useless for the program.

Now, many a times it also happens that the product key is not found by the product key finder, this is a rare case but it still happens. In case like this, one has to directly contact the Microsoft office or tech support for a replacement key or buy a new copy of Windows 7.

Find Windows Vista Product Key

The windows vista's product key is on a sticker that is pasted on the CD of the software itself. It can easily be used to install the software. If you lose this product key, then you will have to go through a lot of procedures to find it. Starting with windows vista, the product key has started being encrypted in the software by Microsoft.

What you can do here, just like in Windows 7, is get yourself a product key finder that helps in finding the key for windows vista. The tools can be easily downloaded. If you still are having trouble, you may have to contact Microsoft for a replacement key.

Find Windows XP Product Key

The procedure here is almost the same as the one for the others. You have an encrypted product key in the software. When you first get the software, the product key is pasted on the face of the CD itself, but when you lose it, it becomes a little problematic to find again. For this, one has to download a product key finder and then generate the product key according to the instructions that are given along with the product key finder. When you get the product key which is a 5 set 5 numbered' code, make sure that you type them exactly the way they have been generated.

Since the product key has been encrypted in the software, even a single character mismatch will render it useless for use. So make sure that you punch in the code correctly. Even after doing it correctly, if the product key does not work, you might need to order a new replacement key from the Microsoft office. Otherwise, when it comes to the worst-case scenario, you might also have to buy a brand new copy of Microsoft XP.

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