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Changing Default Browser

The default web browser of the computer is the one that automatically opens when one needs to access a web page when a browser is not already open on the system. The basic steps involved to change the default browser of the system for any operating system are the same. The basic thing to do before changing the default browser on any system is to download the browser that you wish to set as default. The browser can be downloaded from the official website of the browser. There are many options for choosing a browser and you should choose a safe, secure, and stable browser.

After the browser is downloaded, it needs to be installed on the system. The set up can be run and the browser will install itself by following some easy steps. The prompts keep coming on the screen and this makes it very easy to install. When the set up finishes, there will be a prompt to set the browser as the default browser and one can select the option here. There are ways to change the default browser later also though.

How to change Default browser in Vista

The default browser on the vista operating system can be changed in two ways.

  • One way is to click on the start button or clicking on the windows key on the keyboard of the system. There is an option of default programs on the list that opens. In this tab, there will be an option to change the default web browser and you can choose this option before exiting the screen.
  • There is another way to change the default browser by changing the settings from the browser. This can be done by opening the browser of your choice. On the web browser window, there will be an option of settings or options. After clicking on that option from the drop down menu, there will be an option of change default browser window and from here one can change the default browser.

How to Change the default browser in Windows 7 and Windows XP

On Windows XP the default browser can be changed easily. In this operating system, Internet explorer can be made the default browser by following some basic steps.

  • Click on the start button and then open the control panel. In the control panel there is an option of Network and Internet. By clicking on this option, a window opens and then one needs to open Internet options.
  • On the Internet options there are many tabs on top and one needs to click on the Tab titled Programs. In the programs tab, there is a Make Default button.
  • Click OK and then close the Internet explorer.
If the Internet Explorer does not need to be set as default browser and the user need to change some other browser like Firefox etc as default the steps to be followed are different from the above. In this case you need to go through the Set programs Access and Default Options.

  • Click on the Start Menu and then Click on the Set Programs Access and Default tab on the left hand side of the Menu.
  • In the Choose Configuration Menu, there are four types options available, namely Computer Manufacturer, Microsoft Windows, Custom and Non Microsoft.
  • One needs to click on the Custom options and then all the default options are listed down. From this list, select Choose a Default Web Browser and then a list of all web browsers will open. From this the option, the browser that you want to set as default browser can be selected. After this, by clicking on the OK button, the new default browser can be set.
After the default browser has been set as per the operating system, there is an easy and quick way to test the default browser. This can be done by clicking on the Windows logo and press R at the same time. This opens the Run dialog box. In this window, one can type any Internet address like and press the Enter key. Once this is done the windows will pass the command to the default browser of the system. If the web address opens in the browser that you have set as the default browser it means the default browser has been set properly.

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