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Computer Cable Management Tutorial

With so many cables inside your computer case, it can become a tad difficult to keep them organized.

If you do not organize them properly, wires can entangle with each other and it can become a big mess. It can accumulate a lot of dust and when you want to fix any hardware issue, you will have tough time handling those entangled wires.

Here we are going to share with you a cable management tutorial that will help you in arranging the cables inside your computer case easily:

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

The only place inside your computer where you can see a ton of cables coming out is the power supply unit. To organize those wires, it is recommended that you buy wire sleeves and then use the sleeves to help organize the wires. Before you try to organize other cables inside your computer, it is advisable to rig the PSU cables first since there will be a ton of wires coming from the PSU and organizing them can go a long way.

IDE cables

Next in line in the process of managing computer case cables are the IDE cables. IDE cables are large-sized ribbon cables that may connect your hard drives and optical drives to the motherboard. Newer hard drives will probably use SATA cables. The more IDE cables you have the more space they will consume and the more congested it will appear.

One recommendation, if you have a ton of IDE cables, is to buy a few round IDE cables. These round cables will save a ton of space and are pretty cheap. If you only have a few IDE cables, you can just try to hide these cables around the edges of your case.

Managing miscellaneous wires

Instead of using a duct tape, an electrical tape is recommended to manage the miscellaneous cables inside the case. You can group wires together and then tape them together in key spots to help overall organization. At your local hardware shop, you can find electrical tapes of different colors. Choose the one that goes well with the color of your computer case... why not?

Concealing the wires

Even though you have used electrical tape to manage your cables, if you do not conceal them, everything will appear very messy. You need to check your computer case carefully to find out a few crevices and empty spaces that cannot be seen easily to conceal your cables. For example, the vacant place between optical drives, beneath the hard drive, or space lying between motherboard tray and panel are some good places to hide the wires. Be careful to keep these wires away from fans or heatsinks.

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