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Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Webpage Fix

When you are using Windows Internet Explorer 8 or an earlier version of it and you want to view a web site, you may receive an error message saying "Internet explorer cannot display the webpage". This is a common problem and the following article gives ways to fix this error.

There are several reasons that you may see this error. It's possible that the web site may be temporarily down. Try another website to see if this is the issue. Next, check if the problem is related to network connectivity or if it's a problem with your browser. It is often recommended for computer users to have at least two different web browsers on their computer. This will help you to troubleshoot on the other web browser in case one of them is not working. If you are able to connect with the other browser then try resetting your Internet Explorer by clicking Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced Tab -> Restore.

Whenever you come across such an error, the simplest thing to do is to reboot the computer. A lot of strange computer errors can be fixed by simply rebooting. Rebooting your computer should reset your Internet connections as well which could be the cause of the problem. While your computer is rebooting, it is a good idea to restart any routers as well.

If the problem still persists, the next thing to do is check your firewall and Internet security settings to make sure that the sites you are trying to access aren't blocked.


If you are still having the problem the next most common reason for this error is the wrong DNS server entries in your LAN connection properties. Sometimes, due to certain errors, the DNS servers are not able to locate the web sites that are not visible to you.

In case you are facing this problem, you then need to try alternative DNS servers like AT&T DNS server, Open DNS servers or Spectra net DNS servers. To change the DNS server in your network connection, you have to click Start -> control panel -> Network Connections. Then, find the Internet connection in "LAN or High speed Internet". Next, right click on connection and select the properties. Select "Internet Protocol Version 4 and by pressing the Properties button you can change the DNS server. You can even try the DNS settings one by one and then choose the setting that works for you.

Another possible way to fix this problem is to click the "Fix it for me" section. Then click "Run now" from the Automated Troubleshooting Services" page. This will then scan your computer and detect the root cause of the error. It will then automatically disable add - ones that are found as the cause of error and will even offer additional resources incase the problem is not fixed.

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