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Changing Windows Live Language

To know how to change Windows Live language may be very important to you. Let's say you visited a non-English speaking country and have to use the Windows live messenger on a computer, what would you do? How can you successfully navigate your way conveniently through the Windows live services without changing the language from what you don't understand to the English Language? We shall go into the steps by using Microsoft Vista as an example because the same steps apply to both Windows 7 and XP.

Note that windows live consists of "on the web, on your phone, and on your PC" services. The steps below will lead to changes only to the 'On your PC' services which are the Windows live messenger, Mail, writer, Movie Maker, photo gallery, and family safety which allows one to restrict some Web sites for child safety.

Changing the Language

Step 1 - Click on the start button and click on the control panel.

Step 2 - Click on Classic view.

Step 3 - Look for the Windows live language settings and double-click it. There are various icons on the control panel window, so you may have to search for it a little.

Step 4 - Now, the Windows live language settings will pop up. Select the English language (or whatever language you need to switch to) and click on Ok. Note that if the English language is not already installed you will have to follow all prompt instructions until it is completely downloaded and installed. Also note that in the process of downloading the language, all Windows live services will be exited.

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