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Typing Faster

In the old days, a major distinguishing feature of an office was fast moving typewriters. Typists knew how to punch the keys so fast you would think they got a degree in typewriting. You may have to take your mind far back down memory lane for a second to agree with me on this. Unlike so many of us today, typists were not just typing fast, they were doing it correctly. At that time, there was no typing tutor of any kind whatsoever. There was no computer screen to look at and appreciate. Today, more people have very good typing speed thanks to the Internet, chartrooms, and social networking sites. Surely many people can type very fast, however, how fast enough is their typing speed? What are the best typing tutors to help us achieve a very good typing speed?

Correct Method

Some people use only two fingers to hover around the keyboard for typing. No matter how fast your typing speed is, you need to learn the proper way of typing. To increase your speed you must learn to place your left and right index fingers on the F and J keys. All four of your left hand fingers must be on the A S D F keys and your right hand fingers on the j k l ; keys. Next, try to take your face away from the keyboard. It will be slightly difficult to do this at first, but with time, you will be able to identify the positions of the keys easily. The best way to be ultra-fast is to spend more time in front of the computer.

Software Tools

There are a large number of typing tutors to help you improve your typing speed. Some of them are cloud-based while some are not. Some are freeware and others are not. Whatever category you choose to go with, just make sure you opt for the one that is right for you. Most of the software tutors come with typing games.

Websites like and so many others like this one are great places to improve your typing speed. You can also improve your speed using anyone of the following typing tutors: Typing Master Typing Test, Ten clipboards, Top Chef, Top PHP Studio, Elite Typing 2000, and Professor PC-Typing Tutor. Someone once said and I quote: "great typists are great programmers," I wonder how true that is. What I know for sure is that it is rewarding to have close or more than average typing speed which is 80 words per minute for an average typist. Remember, a faster typist achieves more tasks per day.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut keys let you invoke a command fast and in a convenient way. Many computer users have come to realize how much time they could save by learning some essential keyboard shortcuts. You can interact with your computer without the need of clicking and dragging with the mouse. You can check out our article on keyboard shortcuts for more info.

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