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How to Rotate PDF Documents in Adobe Reader

Simple Tip

There are some documents where the text doesn't flow from left to right but rather from bottom to top. This is because these documents were primarily created to be viewed using the landscape format and not the portrait format. However, they could prove quite strenuous to look at if you have to really move your neck to read the text. The trouble becomes even more pronounced if the letters are very small.

In other cases, there is a chance that even if the text is in the right direction, the image or the diagram is upside down. What happens because of this is that the labeling on the image or diagram becomes very hard to spot. This is a known compromise in the case of diagrams, graphics or pictures which are laterally elongated and have more information than their longitudinal details. To accommodate them on the same page, many a times, they are printed for the landscape format than the conventional portrait format causing a wee bit of inconvenience trying to figure out what they are depicting.

However, in PDF files this problem is not that big. Thanks to Adobe Reader there is a very simple solution to this problem. You have to spot the view tab on your top left of the page. This view tab will have a dropdown of a few more commands. You need to select the one that says rotate view, which will enable you to rotate the page in the direction of your choice. The two options for the direction of rotation that are given to you are clockwise and anticlockwise or counter-clockwise. You can rotate the document in clockwise or anticlockwise direction depending on whether your diagram starts from the bottom and moves up or starts at the top and the moves down respectively. While talking about this, it also may be helpful to enlarge or shrink the PDF by clicking on the Tools -> Zoom -> Zoom In/Out. This is helpful if the PDF opens with the text too small/large or if their is an image that needs to be enlarged to view.

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