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Cleaning a Printer Roller

Does your printer refuse to grab paper? Does it get stuck with paper some times? Do you see streaks on printouts? If you said yes to any of these questions, then your printer roller is dirty. Follow the simple steps below to clean your printer roller. A printer roller is said to be dirty when pieces of paper, dust, ink, or a combination of two or more sticks to the printer roller. You will need a dry cloth, a screw driver, and some alcohol for this.

Step 1

First, you need to unplug the printer from the electricity outlet for safety reason.

Step 2

With the appropriate sized flat screw driver, remove the cover of the printer to expose the printer rollers.

Step 3

Remove the paper from both the in-tray and out-tray of the printer.

Step 4

Take the dry cloth and dip the dry cloth into the alcohol. Hold the cloth firmly to the body of the roller as you turn it.

Step 5

Clean up both trays with the cloth.

Step 6

Reassemble the printer.

Step 7

Test the printer. At this point, the printer should function very well now. The printer should be able to take paper from the in-tray and produce a clean printout on the out-tray. If this is not the case, then you should try to wipe the roller again.

As a side note, replacing a printer roller may be necessary if there is wear and tear. For example, an office printer that gets used a lot may need a new roller at some point. If you decide to replace the printer roller, you must be careful with the shaft and the spring on the left side. Also, the printer should be on its back to give you a good view of the inside of the machine.

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