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How to Degauss a Desktop Monitor

I have a Dell monitor and I hate it whenever there is discoloration around the edges of the screen. In fact, nobody likes it. You can degauss the screen to improve the color quality around the affected area by following a few DIY computer help steps. Also, it should be noted that LCD monitors are without CRT, and thus they arenít discolored at the edges by magnetic interferences.

What causes CRT discoloration?

When a magnetic substance or a strong magnetic field gets close to the screen of a monitor, discoloration of the edges can occur. A popular mistake is trying to use a magnet to reduce the affected area around the screen. Donít toy with this. You will only take the situation from bad to worse.

Step 1 - Turn off the monitor and power it back on. Most monitors are automatically degaussed when you power them off and back on again. Usually, during degaussing, there is some clicking sound. Try this step, if the problem persists, go to the next step.

Step 2 - Look for a button on front of the monitor that has a picture depicting a horseshoe. That is the degauss button. Press the button. Your problem should be resolved by now. If not, then you need to try the next step.

Step 3 - Try to press both the contrast and brightness buttons at the same time. You will also need to do this if your monitor does not have a degauss button.

If you are still having trouble degaussing, there will be a degauss option in the on-screen menu options of the monitor. Find the degauss option in the menu or look it up in the monitor's manual.

In order to prevent any form of magnetic inference, do some inspections around the monitor for magnetic fields. Things like power sources or speakers could be generating a magnetic field. In fact, any device using a magnet or one that produces a magnetic field could cause screen discoloration.

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