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How to choose a Telephone System

It is not an easy decision to make when it comes to the type of telephone system to choose. The best telephone system for your company should be one with the right features, is good for the number of people in your firm, and above all, suits your budget.

The factors to consider as you go about choosing a telephone system include number of employees, cost, type of telephone system, and requirements. There are many good deals around. You can even Google search to look for a service provider. You can fill out a form online to get a quote immediately.

If you are looking for a phone system that has far more features, then you must be ready to pay more. There are four types of telephone systems and they include Voice Over IP (VOIP), KSU-less system, PBX systems, and KSU (key system unit).

PBX phone System

PBX is great for companies with more than 50 people. The core functions of a PBX include:
  • Metering calls
  • Establishing call connections
  • Ending connections
  • Maintaining connections
PBX has more than 25 major functions and they include auto-dialling, automatic call back, call blocking, call forwarding when busy, call transfer, call waiting, conference call, customer greetings, voice response, music for hold, voice paging, voice mail, welcome message and so on. PBX is great for commercial as well as for private use. There are the commercial grade PBX and the customer-size PBX.

The four types of PBX include VOIP PBX, ISDN PBX, Mobile PBX, and IP-PBX. A PBX has the following major components: cards, internal switching network, microcontrollers (microcomputers), telephone sets, console (switchboard), telco trunks, UPS (uninterrupted power supply (UPS), the housing, and wiring.

PBX is a good telephone system. Some companies offer hosted PBX, which is pocket-friendly because calls are routed via the Internet. You only need to enter into agreement and the company will provide everything from hardware to installation. It has more functionality than any telephone system and it is the most expensive telephone system around.

KSU phone system

KSU is a type of telephone system that uses the landline system to route calls. KSU systems are best for small to medium sized companies. They do not have all the features of the PBX systems, but they are also very affordable as well.

VOIP phone systems

VOIP uses a landline connection and Internet to route calls. VOIP is expandable and can have a pretty good feature set. Due to this, VOIP is also a bit on the pricier side when it comes to phone systems. The VOIP phone system is relatively new compared to the other systems, however, this will probably be the way most phone systems are setup in the future.

KSU-less phone system

KSU-less system is the most popular of the telephone systems because all you need to buy is the phones. They are not permanently fixed; therefore, you can always take your telephone system with you whenever you are moving to a new office. The bad thing is that they are not expandable. So, these are great for very small business. A company can always switch to another system if you grow too much. Generally, these systems are best for 10 employees or less. Also, the feature set is pretty limited for KSU-less phones.

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