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Laptop Warranty Advice and Tips

All gadgets have different warranty lengths. It is imperative that we understand those things we must avoid so we don't render our product warranty invalid. As simple as it sounds, a lot of people are still left out whenever there is a major problem that is not as a result of their wrongdoing. For starters, the best thing to do is to read and understand your warranty very well.

Should Extend the Laptop Warranty

The first thing I you should keep in mind is that most laptops come with a standard warranty. You will want to take a look at this standard warranty to see how much protection you are getting. If the laptop doesn't work out of the box or breaks (without you breaking it) within a very short time period, it is usually covered under the standard warranty.

Many users wonder whether they should extend their warranty when buying a laptop. In general, most experts will advice a buyer to not buy an extended warranty on electronics. Most warranties are another way for a company to make money. A big thing to consider is the price of the product versus the price of the warranty. If you are buying a $3,000 laptop and the warranty is reasonable, then it may be worth it for the security and the peace of mind. However, if you are buying a lower end laptop and the warranty would be a huge percentage of the cost, then it is probably not worth it. In the end, it comes down to what you think is right. However, standard warranty, warranty price, product price, and extended warranty coverage are all things to consider.

Upgrading Memory and Your Warranty

Some Laptop models come with two memory slots, and others don't. For those that come with two memory slots, the one that you are free to access without invalidating your system warranty is that which is not hidden and that you can access from under. The hidden slot is usually under the keyboard. Now opening up your laptop with a screwdriver to access this slot could invalidate your warranty.

There are several reasons we may want to upgrade our computer memory. The number of files we anticipate to store on the system is one of them. The speed of the system is the other reason. Gaming Laptops like saga often come with large memory to accommodate the huge size of computer games that can be stored on the system. Make sure that your warranty will still be intact after doing this upgrade. In summary, as long as you don't have and access a hidden memory slot, you should be ok.

Making a Laptop Warranty Claim

To make a claim, a consumer needs the product serial number. It is also best to have the receipt around. Sometimes, a warranty may differ from one country to another. For instance, it is easy to send a product to the manufacturer or authorized dealer for repair in industrialized countries compared to less developed countries. Before you plan to send your laptop for repair, ensure that you‘ve checked the troubleshooting manual, contacted the manufacturer's customer care, and checked computer forums for help. There is definitely someone with similar problem. Often times, you can resolve an issue by just making a little change yourself.

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