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Ideas for personalizing your laptop

Take any make of laptop to a café, office, or college and you'd realize, to your dismay, that your laptop looks like someone else's. There is always somebody, not far from where you're surfing right now, with exactly your type of laptop. Laptops are expensive machines, so if you own one, personalize it, make it speak for you and show your style more than a few words can tell.

Apart from the customizing the internal electronic components of your laptop to make it serve your purpose, you can also do many aftermarket changes to the way your laptop looks and feels to the touch. You can change the laptop skin or get accessories that let you experience that earth-shattering feeling that comes with playing a PC game. Personalizing a laptop could also involve tweaking the display.

Laptop Skin

You can hide the logo of your laptop by using a personalized laptop skin. Personalized laptop skins are made of vinyl material with a special kind of adhesive. Areas of your laptop that you can personalize are the back of the cover, the keyboard, touch pad, and LCD screen. Many big media companies like CNN use personalized laptop skins.

Laptop skins, depending on the kind of graphic you want, are beautiful, elegant and unique. The beauty of it is that, you can always replace your old laptop skin with a new one. Removing an old laptop skin is as easy as placing it in the first place. More importantly, you can take photo(s) of yourself or a picture of your favorite things and submit it online for printing. Several online websites offer this service with thousands of attractive laptop skins to choose from if you don't have any particular design in mind. You can also choose between landscape and portrait if you want. It's not all about beautifying your laptop: laptop skin can help you avoid scratches on the back of your laptop cover as well.

Gaming Accessories

As you're aware, the touchpad on your laptop is tough to use for gaming. Even the sound system is more or less like that of a mobile phone. If you want to have a high-power gaming experience, you need a customized keyboard, headset, and gaming mouse. You can get a wired or wireless gaming mouse from places like To add a real beauty to your collection of gaming accessories, you can also customize the look of the accessories you want.

LCD Display

You can make several display changes to your laptop. You can do this by right clicking on your desktop, then clicking personalize option on the drop-down window. From here you can change the Windows color appearance and mouse pointer.

If you've not tried widgets before, a visit to will surprise you. Widgets are web applications that make a desktop experience more useful. There are thousands of free downloadable widgets, which could make your OS stand out from the crowd. Whether you're using Mac or Windows operating system, there're free widgets to help you personalize your laptop in a truly unique way.

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