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Install Updates

No matter what operating system you have, it is always a good idea to keep your computer up to date. Keeping your computer up to date is important for a few reasons. First, it helps prevent virus and malware attacks. Often times, a virus/malware will take advantage of a security problem in the operating system. Keeping your system up to date can eliminate these security holes. Windows, for example, will often release security patches that seal up any holes that are found by viruses. Another reason to keep your system up to date is make sure your system is as bug free as possible. Last, updates can help your system to run better and more efficiently.

How Install updates for Windows XP and Vista

Installing updates for both XP and Vista is pretty easy. If you do not have your system set up to automatically download updates, just open your web browser and go to: You may have to install an activeX control. After you have done this, just follow the instructions from Microsoft to download and install any updates.

Automatically Download/Install Updates

I would advise you to automatically download and install updates for your computer. This will make sure that your computer is kept up to date at much as possible. This is usually defaulted to on for Windows 7, XP, and Vista. If you don't think you have your system set up to automatically download updates, you can check out our guide on How To Turn on Automatic Updates in Windows 7, Vista, XP.

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