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Registry Booster Review

Is your PC running slow for no apparent reason? Does it keep crashing and/or does it take forever to open and close applications? If so, one of the simplest and most effective actions you can take is scanning your computer's registry.

As you may know, the Registry is the core of your operating system. It's where all the program settings get stored, and after a while it naturally tends to get cluttered. Unfortunately, there used to be no way to clean up the Windows registry without formatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows, which is a rather complicated and boring task that only intermediate and advanced users are familiar with.

Formatting your hard drive and reinstalling Windows will make your system run more smoothly, just like when it was brand new. However, formatting/reinstalling Windows is a rather inconvenient process which everyone hates doing -- since it involves backing up the files, data, and configurations on your computer to keep them from being lost in the process.

Luckily, there is now a much simpler and cost-efficient way of making any computer run significantly faster within 30 minutes.

registry booster logo

What is Uniblue Registry Booster? (What is a Registry Cleaner?)

In the past few years, a new class of software emerged, called Registry Cleaners. With their unique and patented technology, these programs allow cleaning up of the registry and speeding up any computer with minimal trouble and without losing much time.

Using a registry cleaner to organize and fix the registry on old computers is very easy, and it doesn't require doing any data backups, since there's no risk of losing information while using one of these programs. It is not a bad idea to use the built-in registry backup feature to backup the registry though.

Today, we'll be analyzing one of the most popular programs in this class of applications. This program is called Uniblue Registry Booster, and after reading this review you will be able to decide whether it's what you need to fix up your PC quickly and economically.

What's Unique About Registry Booster?

There's a vast selection of registry cleaners available on the market, but they're not always as effective or as easy to use as most users would like. Fortunately, the developers behind Registry Booster clearly know how to develop software that doesn't just do the intended trick, but which is also very user-friendly.

After doing some tests with Registry Booster, we've found the process takes a bit longer than with similar programs we've used. It took just over 15 minutes to scan the entire registry, but judging from the results, it's obvious how this program uses a very fine comb while looking for damaged and faulty entries in the computer registry. In other words, it seems a bit slower compared to similar programs, but its results are noticeably more detailed and accurate. Also, Registry Booster utilizes a registry defrag tool which adds to the usefulness.

Installing Registry Booster

Even if you're a tech novice, you will have no problem installing this application and using it to clean up your system and make it run smoother. The entire process is quick and uncomplicated. You just have to download the program, setup, and install it just like any other application. In less than 5 minutes you'll be ready to get started.

Download your copy of Registry Booster Here

Once you have downloaded and installed Registry Booster, you just have to run this useful application, and you'll be impressed with how easily you'll learn how to use it. In fact, there isn't much to learn really since this program essentially runs on auto pilot and does everything for you.

After firing up Registry Booster, you'll get this screen. From here, you just have to click the "Start Scan" button and relax while the program analyzes the registry on your desktop or laptop.

registry booster home screen

Once you ask Registry Booster to scan your computer, it will thoroughly run a system check and show you a report with all the detected errors, including System related errors, user related errors, and third party errors. It will also indicate just how severely your system is being affected from these errors.

registry booster errors

After running the full system scan (which took around 10-15 minutes to finish), Registry Booster detected a whopping 465 registry errors on our test machine which isn't that surprising, since this computer hasn't been formatted or had the Windows Operating System reinstalled in over 12 months.

As such, it's not too surprising there are so many errors in the registry, since we're always installing and uninstalling new applications each week, leaving behind all kinds of file system footprints and configuration errors.

registry booster after scan

Registry Booster Review: The Final Test

This Registry Booster review wouldn't be complete without a proper test that will help us determine just how effective this application really is. To this effect, we clocked the boot time and launch time of common applications, before and after using Registry Booster to clean up the system.

The test machine was a netbook (asus eeePC 1101 with Microsoft Windows XP), and as you can see from the following snapshot, Registry Booster found and corrected 465 errors. We also ran the registry defragmentation tool as well after the errors were fixed.

registry booster repair

As you can see from the following chart, there was a significant improvement in the performance of the test machine, after having Registry Booster do its magic and fix all the errors in the Windows registry.

This test involved clocking how many seconds it took from the moment the machine was turned on until it was ready to use. We defined 5 checkpoints in the boot process, each one triggered immediately after the previous one concluded:

1) Login Screen shows up
2) Desktop finishes loading
3) Firefox is ready to use
4) Microsoft Word is ready to use
5) Adobe Photoshop is ready to use

registry booster benchmarks

Before using Registry Booster, the total time for completing all the checkpoints was 131 seconds (2 minutes, 11 seconds).

After using Registry Booster, the total time for completing all checkpoints was just 87 seconds (1 minute, 27 seconds).

Conclusion and Registry Booster Cost

In conclusion, the entire process of booting into Microsoft Windows XP and getting three major applications up and running (Firefox, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Photoshop) was 44 seconds (!) quicker after using Registry Booster to fix the test computer.

It was a significant performance gain, and the test machine feels just as responsive as when it was brand new and fresh out of the computer shop, about one year ago. As such, it seems as though Registry Booster certainly can fulfill its claims of significantly making a PC run faster.

When it comes to the Registry Booster Price, at the time of review, we found it for $29.99 which is inline with other Registry Cleaner Software.

Anyone who's looking for a way to improve pc performance without losing much time or spending much money should look into purchasing a Registry Cleaner Software. From all such programs available on the market, Registry Booster is probably the most user-friendly, thorough, and all-around efficient alternative.

Download your copy of Registry Booster Now

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