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3D TV Explained

The movie Avatar, no doubt, made 3D television programs popular. Around us, we can see more and more 3D TV channels springing up. Currently, there are truckloads of hit movies that are being converted from their original 2D format to 3D. All these things are happening in preparation for the next 'big thing''- the 3D TV revolution. A minimum of 6 television set makers already have their 3D TVs out in the market. More electronic gadget makers are coming into the game. Even a traditional American LCD project maker started eating a piece of the pie immediately when they released their own brand of 3D TV set early 2010. What then is 3D TV? Is 3D TV worth throwing away your newly bought HD LCD TV for? Is it for everyone? Read on.

What is 3D TV?

While an ordinary TV set displays movies in 2D, length and width; a 3D TV displays images in 3-dimensional fields thereby making a movie look very much real to the human eye. It does this by using stereoscopic effect and multi-view capture. The real essence of the 3D TV technology is to make television programs look real like they are happening right in front of you.

Special Glasses

A 3D TV set physically looks like any other HD TV. The only difference is that it has a 3D mode technology. A user can choose to switch the 3D mode technology off to enjoy 2D (ordinary TV mode). If the 3D mode is on, then you need to wear the special glasses for 3D TV before you can enjoy the brilliant 3D TV effect. Without these glasses and the 3D TV mode is on, all you would see are double images on your screen that is skewed to the left. Of the double images, one is meant for the right eye and the other for the left eye. Simply put, you can only watch a 3D TV program when you wear the special glasses. Two pairs of glasses usually come with a new 3D TV set. If your 3D set doesn't come with the special glasses, then you can get a pair or two of the special glasses from a store.

Health and Comfort

Watching 3D TV for a longer time could result in severe headache and dizziness. People with stereo blindness may not enjoy the 3D effect even when they wear both the special and prescription glasses at the same time. Also, if you are very tired, 3D TV is not for you because it would burn you out even more. In addition, 3D TV is not great for people with severe diabetic conditions. The special glasses are equipped to receive prescription glasses.

In conclusion, movie Producers are ready to fully start shooting movies in 3D. The movie industry is busy converting 2D movies to 3D format. To enjoy 3D technology you need a movie in 3D, a 3D Blue-Ray player and a pair of special glasses. Your movies in 3D formats can still be played by your regular video player. However, it would do this without the 3D effects.

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