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Improve and Extend a Wireless Network

There are times we would like to improve network performance and extend wireless range. There is no better joy, than to have a strong wireless network connection around your vicinity. Perhaps you got a message saying your wireless connection is poor or you've completely lost connection. Let's look at some of the things you should do to boost your wireless network.

Upgrade to 802.11g

This is the fastest network available. It is far faster than 802.11b. While choosing equipment, the best thing is to get a router and network adaptors that are 802.11g compatible instead of making use of pieces of equipment that are only 802.11b compatible.

Update Router Firmware and Driver

Router and network adaptor manufacturers always release software updates not just to tighten security, but also to improve performance and speed. Therefore, making sure you check for an update every month or so is not a bad idea. You can always get the update of the firmware by visiting the Web site of your router manufacturer. For network adaptors, you should only need to set your operating system to receive automatic updates.

Position of the Wireless Router

The position of the wireless router matters a lot. You want to position your router for even and undisruptive network distribution. For instance, if the router is inside the house, devices outside the building will not get the full network signal. Therefore, you have to place the router where the network signal will not be obstructed by building materials, concrete walls, and other hard mass if possible. An example of a poorly located router is one where people need to take their devices close to the windows in order to receive signals.

Router Antenna and Fine-Tuning

Your router comes with an antenna that transmits network eccentrically in a 360-degree radius. To elaborate, if you place your router close to a wall, you are as well cutting off transmitted signal by half. The best thing to do is to place the antenna in the middle of an open space or purchase a high-end antenna that would let you direct network signals to a given direction.

If your router signal is weak, then you may want to check to see that you are using the best network channel. Fine-tune the network configuration until you notice the channel that provides the strongest network signal.

Wireless Repeaters

Wireless repeaters are devices that relay signals from your router to your computer. They increase signal strength at the tail end of the network and can extend wireless range. When wireless repeaters are stationed at the correct locations, they increase network strength at even the farthest of distance.

As a golden rule, when shopping for equipment for your wireless network connection, it is important that you stick to one equipment manufacturer. A D-link router, no doubt, will work well with a NetGear technology network adaptor. However, you should experience enhanced network connection if you stick to only one vendor and in our example this would be a D-link repeater to go along with the D-link router.

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