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Internet Explorer 8 Tips

Internet explorer 8 is one of the best Internet browsers around. IE8 comes with some problems though. IE9 promises to be faster, safer, and better than IE8. However, if you are using IE8 and having some problems such as your Internet explorer taking far too long to load, then there is a way to try to fix that.

The time it takes to load a website differs from one Internet browser to another. IE8 seem to do a much better or at least similar job when compared to other browsers. However, on some machines it doesn’t work as expected. This explains why some people love the browser, and why some users, especially those who have had terrible experiences with it on their machines, are giving it a bad rap.

Disable IE8 Plug-Ins

In general, IE8 comes with many features such as default accelerators, adds-ons, IE8 plus-ins and the ones you installed. Therefore, when you type in the name of a site or blog for the browser to use the IP and get you the contents, the browser must load all the plug-ins and adds-on before the contents. This significantly increases the loading time. To make IE8 faster you can disable some of this plug-ins and adds-ons.

Incorrect Antivirus Settings Can Slow IE8

Incorrect antivirus settings can also have a detrimental effect on IE8. First, disable your antivirus software and try to open safe sites like and If the problem is not resolved, then something else is causing the problem. If the problem is solved, you will have to check your antivirus settings or your firewall settings.

Singling out a Slow Add-on for IE8

It is possible one single add-on is causing slowness. In this tip, you start by disabling all add-ons. If the browser works perfectly okay after doing this then you need to enable them one after the other in order to identify the corrupt add-ons. To disable Add-ons --> click on Tools --> Click on Manage Add-ons. Also, you try to change your homepage to a blank page for this tip.

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