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Enabling Cookies

Having your web browser's cookies disabled can cause many websites to not display appropriately or, sometimes, not work at all. It is important that you have cookies enabled to ensure the websites you visit operate in the correct manner that they should.

To some, the concept of enabling cookies is a foreign procedure and can prove to be a difficult task. The truth is that it is actually very simple to change your browser's settings to enable and allow cookies. Let's take a look at a few different web browsers and the processes you have to complete for you to enable cookies.

Enable Cookies in Internet Explorer 8

The options available on Internet Explorer for enabling cookies can be found by clicking "Tools" followed by "Internet Options" and finally by clicking "Privacy". Once you have arrived at this page, you will see a few different options as well as a slider that you can adjust by simply clicking and holding your cursor on the bar and moving it up or down.

Depending on how much you move the slider up or down will change your current browser settings for cookies. The higher up the bar you move it, the more restrictions your browser will place on accepting cookies from websites which can cause interruption in the use of some websites.

If you move the bar lower, however, you will change Internet Explorer's settings to allow more cookies which will let practically any website you visit operate properly. It is recommended to set this at Medium as it provides a good balance between security and allowing safe sites.

Enable Cookies in Google Chrome

In the browser provided by Google, Chrome, you have to click a bit more before reaching the cookie options. Select "Options" from the "Customize and Control" menu and after that you will want to click on the "Under the Bonnet" tab.

Once you are there simply look for the "Content Settings" button within the area labeled "Privacy". You will be able to adjust your cookie settings easily in this section. Remember enabling cookies helps to allow websites to operate the way they are supposed to.

Enable Cookies in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the simplest browsers to locate and adjust cookie settings in. All you have to do is go to "Tools", then "Options" and finally click on the "Privacy" tab and you will have easy access to all options available for enabling cookies or disabling cookies once you arrive here.

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