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Defraggler Review

If you're looking for a good utility to defragment your entire hard drive or even just individual files or folders, you have probably been recommended to use defraggler. This is one of the most widely used Disk Defragmenters now available, and there are many good reasons why so. Read through this defraggler review and you'll understand all the strengths and weaknesses of this popular defragmentation software.

What is defraggler, and who can benefit from using it?

In simple terms, defraggler is hard disk defragmentation software. Its purpose is to organize clusters of information on your hard drive, so that your programs and files can be read from and accessed at a faster rate. What sets defraggler apart from similar software is how it allows quickly defragmenting specific folders or files, as opposed to forcing you to sit back for a few hours while the program scours through your entire hard drive (like conventional disk defragmenters do).

Other notable features of defraggler include: availability in 37 languages, defragmentation of free space, and support for all Windows version since Windows 2000, including 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Defraggler can be installed on a flash drive and used as a portable application, and it can be scheduled to defrag your computer's hard drive in the time and date you specify. Also, defraggler works on all the common partition types, including FAT32, NTFS, exFAT and RAID.

What sets defraggler apart from the competition?

Defraggler is extremely fast compared to competing programs, and you can obtain it free of charge! Defraggler is a donationware type of program; meaning the author lets anyone download and use the program for free, while encouraging satisfied users to contribute with donations towards future development. In other words, you don't have to pay for using this program unless you genuinely find it useful, and even then, you get to choose how much you're willing to pay.

Also, this is a genuinely intuitive and user-friendly application. Even inexperienced computer users should have no trouble running it and choosing the desired options. When you run defraggler you'll get a map of your hard drives and RAM memory, showing a visual representation of the fragmentation of your files and processes. From there, you can choose which files or folders you want to defragment, manage the entire drive at once, or defragment the system memory to improve performance.

For best results, you should schedule defraggler to run regularly (maybe once a week) and overnight. This is because defragmentation of large drives can take a few hours, so it's best to schedule this type of maintenance for times when you're not using the computer. Regular defragmentation of your hard drives and memory will likely cause noticeable improvements in your computer performance, and it will ensure your PC remains fast and responsive.

In terms of downsides, there's really not much to say about defraggler. This is a full-featured free application that certainly gets the job done faster and more efficiently than competing applications do. It features a simple and intuitive user interface, and the defragmenting engine is notably powerful. Defraggler includes a rich set of options, including several features that can't be found in similar programs. As such, it's difficult finding something negative to write about this software.

If you're looking for a way to speed up your computer, one of the first things you should try is defragmenting your hard drives and system memory. To that effect, defraggler is one of the best available options. Considering that it is free and highly recommended by all kinds of users, you should definitely try using this program. You will be surprised with how much snappier your computer can get, once it has been thoroughly defragmented!

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