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Best Hard Drive Manufacturers

All desktop computers have at least one hard drive. We take a look at the top computer hard disk drive manufacturers. We shall be giving a brief history and some insights on the three major hard drive manufacturers. It is our hope that the list will help you to make a more informed choice as you go about replacing a computer hard drive with a newer one or as you make plans to build a computer from scratch.

There are three major hard drive vendors that really separate themselves. They are Western Digital, Toshiba, and Seagate. A decade ago, there were hundreds of hard drive vendors. They were IBM, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, Sony, and even Apple Inc. They have since withdrawn from the business of computer hard drives leaving behind the three 'monstrous' disk drive manufacturers.

Western Digital Corporation

Western Digital Corporation is a California based hard disk manufacturer and the largest in the business. A former Motorola employee founded the company on April 23, 1970. The company has offices scattered all around Asia, North America, and in Europe. Since Western Digital is the largest disk manufacturer, chances are that your computer might be running on a western digital hard drive.

Western digital hard drives come with quite a few goodies by way of software utilities. They have a data Lifeguard diagnostics tool that helps scan for problems and this tool also makes setting up the hard disk easy. Some Western Digital hard disk drives are shipped with WD Smartware. This software is useful when it comes to backing up files.


Seagate Technology is an American hard disk manufacturer based in Scotts Valley, California. It is the second largest hard disk manufacturer in the world. Seagate acquired Samsung's hard drive division on April 2011. Other acquisitions tied to SeaGate are the Quantum Corp's hard disk division, Maxtor, Digital Equipment Corporation's storage division, and the hard drive division of Quantum Corporation.


Toshiba Corporation is a Japanese company based in Tokyo. Toshiba is the third largest hard disk drive manufacturer. Toshiba also makes quite a few other electronics outside of the hard drive market such as televisions and laptops.

Of the three manufacturers, our personal preference right now is Western Digital when it comes to hard drives. However, we recommend reading reviews of the specific hard drive you are looking at purchasing since all 3 companies put out some good drives.

Also, if you are interested, you can easily find out what brand or type of hard disk you are using on your computer by looking inside the machine. Your computer manual can also be of help. Also, when looking for a new hard drive, keep in mind that you can usually just add another hard drive to your current setup. This allows you to continue to make use of your older hard drive as well.

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