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Windows Meeting Space in Vista

Windows Meeting Space is one of the most underused Windows features. Windows Meeting Space allows you to share your desktop with a partner using a different computer system. For this to run, both systems must be running Vista. This is important in sharing notes, co-editing documents, and connecting via network projector for presentation purposes.

The Windows Meeting Space feature uses a network to connect one computer to another. Where there is no network, an ad hoc network is set up. You can use this feature in schools, hospitals, parks, and in the office. To open Windows Meeting Space, click on the start button->All Programs-> Windows Meeting Space.

You will be prompted to enable people Near Me the first time Windows Meeting Space is enabled. The feature "People Near me" could be accessed by clicking on the start button-> control panel-> classic view-> locate and click on the People Near Me icon. Follow the instructions to connect to an available network.

Windows Meeting Space is different from the Remote Desktop Connection in that it only supports connection between two computers running Windows Vista. The Remote Desktop Connection, on the other hand, allows two computers running on different types of operating systems to connect with one another. For example, a system running on Vista could be connected to a system running on Windows XP. Unfortunately, the Windows Meeting Space is not available in Windows 7, however, Microsoft made up for it by incorporating Remote Desktop Connection.

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