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Registry Mechanic by PC Tools Review

Registry Mechanic Free Scan
Download Registry Mechanic

If you're looking for software aimed specifically at Registry Cleaning, you can't go wrong with Registry Mechanic from PC Tools. Despite being extremely easy to use, this program also boasts an impressive variety of in-depth options, some of which are recommendable only for intermediate to advanced users.

Registry Mechanic Review: "One of the Best at What it Does"

That's probably one of the strongest aspects of Registry Mechanic: getting the job done right. Moreover, it's simple enough for novice PC users to handle with no sweat, while allowing precise customizations that will please even the most demanding advanced users.

In short, Registry Mechanic is a “best of both worlds” kind of deal. Within the same piece of software, you get a basic set of tools that will scan & repair your Registry automatically... and you also get advanced options that can be used to raise the performance of your computer to its limits.

Before getting into the specifics, here's a quick reference table listing the highlights and weaknesses of this program:

Registry Mechanic + Strengths Registry Mechanic - Weaknesses
Powerful Registry Cleaning Software No other function besides Registry Maintenance
Great design and user-friendly interface Advanced features could use better labeling
Cleans and manages Registry automatically Includes some redundant options and features
Integrates very nicely with MS Windows Very easy to use, not so easy to master
Speeds up computer and improves boot time Software license must be renewed on yearly basis.
State of the art Registry analysis algorithm  
Free trial version is available on official website  
Customer Support for this product is impeccable  

Download Registry Mechanic

Were it not for programs such as Registry Mechanic, there would be no way to restore the Windows Registry to its ideal settings, except for doing a full HDD format and reinstalling the OS.

If only Microsoft Windows natively included such an advanced tool as Registry Mechanic, our lives would be much easier, and computers would perform more adequately in the long run. However, for some reason, Windows can't adequately perform maintenance and repairing on its own Registry.

What exactly is the Windows Registry?

If you're not exactly sure what the Registry is, you can think of it as a central database in your Windows Operating System. Within this database, all kinds of configurations settings and options are stored that allow communication between your computer and the programs you use in it.

Every time you add or remove new hardware or software, the Registry keeps track of everything, and makes sure everything works like it should. However, the Registry invariably tends to get cluttered up over time, and that's just a natural consequence of normal computer usage. It just can't be avoided.

Before the advent of Registry Cleaning software, the only way to restore a computer to its original speed and responsiveness was formatting the Hard Drive and reinstalling the Operating System. Fortunately, this is no longer the case... thanks to programs such as Registry Mechanic.

Registry Mechanic Review: Hands-on Approach.

This wouldn't be much of a Registry Mechanic Review unless we actually told you what you can expect from this software, right? To this effect, we got ourselves a copy and installed the software on our test machine. Let's begin by reporting how that went.

Note: Fortunately for us, none of the computers in our office are really outdated and slow. So, the test machine we used wasn't really that slow at all, in the first place. As such, we really didn't expect Registry Mechanic to be as effective as it would on older and unresponsive computers.

Even so, we were quite surprised with the results... read on to find out why.

Purchasing Registry Mechanic:

1) The $30 license applies to up to 3 different computers and is valid for a whole year; a 2-year license can be opted in for +50% of cost, compared to normal license. So far, so good!
2) Standard delivery method is instant download, but for extra $10 they will mail you a CD.
3) The actual purchase was effortless, we chose Paypal but credit card payment was also an option. Standard stuff, so far.

Installing Registry Mechanic:

4) This program works in several versions of windows, including XP, Vista, and Windows 7.
5) Installation was pretty straight-forward, just like any other computer software.
6) In less than 5 minutes, we purchased and installed Registry Mechanic. Let's get to action!

Using Registry Mechanic:

6) After kick-starting Registry Mechanic, the application loads up pretty quickly.
7) User interface looks pretty slick, with the main options clearly standing out:

a) Scan the Registry – This is the first option you should choose; it will painstakingly revise all entries in your computer's Registry and inform you of potential problems. It delivers a detailed color-coded report, and the whole process is surprisingly breezy (especially true if you've used other registry cleaners before, which sometimes tend to be quite sluggish).

b) Compact the Registry – This isn't a very common option in this kind of software, but Registry Mechanic uses a proprietary algorithm that is actually capable of shrinking down the registry by getting rid of double entries, outdated references, and so on. Very nice feature!

c) Speed up the system – this is of course, the jewel of the crown, the cherry on top of the cake, the joke behind the smile... you know, this is the option that actually gets things done. At one click of a button, no less; according to the report, there was quite an extensive list of errors that got reviewed and fixed by this module of Registry Mechanic.

After running all three main options, let's see how effective Registry Mechanic really was...

After the Registry Maintenance was done:

8) We rebooted our test machine, and it did seem a bit snappier right away. But this might just have been the power of suggestion, so we made sure to write down how long the computer took before displaying a usable desktop (before and after using Registry Mechanic, of course).
9) After having Registry Mechanic did its magic, boot time was 56 seconds; exactly 15 seconds faster than before using this software. We found this number particularly impressive because (as mentioned early in this review) the test machine was actually a fast and up-to-date computer, and we really didn't expect this software to make such a positive impact.
10) Other areas where we noticed substantial improvement were memory usage (down 19%), processor usage (down 13%). Even though the test machine was never sluggish to begin with, it now feels distinctively faster, almost as if it was suddenly rejuvenated to factory settings.
11) These results clearly surpass our expectations, and prove how this kind of software can also be used to improve the speed of modern computers; its effect on older machines should be higher!

Registry Mechanic Review: Conclusions.

- Purchasing, installing and using Registry Mechanic turned out to be a smooth and uneventful process, just as expected.

- After using Registry Mechanic, we noticed significant improvements in terms of boot time, memory usage and CPU usage.

- The test machine clearly feels like it was just formatted and reinstalled, even though all we did was run Registry Mechanic and apply the basic settings, just like any novice PC user would.

- It works! And we didn't have to mess around with the more advanced options... which is great, because to be honest some of those looked pretty complex.

- When applied in older computers than our test machine, Registry Mechanic will likely bring about drastic performance improvements.

- In the hands of an advanced PC user, this software will likely make any computer sing! There's just so much room for tinkering and changing things under the hood, that it's almost scary.

Registry Mechanic is indeed a powerful tool that all computer users should keep at hand. We were most impressed with how fast it works, and how effective its results are.

Furthermore, it's amazing how versatile this program turned out to be: novice users can just rely on the main features and get their Registry checked and repaired nearly on auto-pilot, easy as 1-2-3. Advanced users get unrivaled precision and in-depth options they can play with, so this is probably one of the most universally useful Registry Cleaners available on the market.

We hope you found this review useful. If you're looking for a powerful tool to perform maintenance and rejuvenate your computer, Registry Mechanic is a great choice.

Registry Mechanic Free Scan
Download Registry Mechanic

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