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Uniblue PowerSuite Review

Are you looking for a "Uniblue PowerSuite Review"? If so, you just found the right site.

This page intends to help users make an informed decision regarding Uniblue PowerSuite.

Uniblue PowerSuite Review: The "Swiss Knife" of computer maintenance?

Uniblue Powersuite is like a swiss knife of computer maintenance. It comprises three tools from Uniblue which are also sold separately: SpeedUpMyPC, DriverScanner, and of course... the much acclaimed RegistryBooster.

When properly used, this software suite can ensure your computer keeps running smoothly over time, regardless of how cluttered it may get. But is this true? Let's begin this review with a quick checklist:

Uniblue PowerSuite Pros: Uniblue PowerSuite Cons:
Easy to install and use, even for non-tech types. Advanced users may wish for more options.
Online FAQ and ticket style e-mail support. No phone support for this product.
Includes three different computer maintenance tools. Integration between three tools could be better.
Quickly Scans and fixes registry errors. May take one hour to fully scan & repair your PC.
Provides powerful disk scanning and repair.  
Causes noticeable speed improvement.  
Uniblue is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.  

Official Uniblue PowerSuite Website

Uniblue PowerSuite Modules Explained

This computer maintenance suite is comprised of three popular programs from Uniblue, which were bundled together in order to provide customers with the highest versatility and cost effectiveness, when it comes to improving PC performance. Let's see exactly what each one of the three modules does:

1) RegistryBooster: The registry is the central database on your computer, which tends to get cluttered after months of normal use. This is an extremely popular registry cleaner, for many good reasons... but mostly because it's pretty fast and it gets the job done.

Applying a program such as Registry Booster can lead to significant improvements in PC performance, especially if you haven't formatted your computer in a long time. After letting this program do its magic, your computer will suddenly start feeling as responsive as when it was brand new... remember how fast it used to be back then?

2) DriverScanner: Software drivers are special programs that work as a bridge between your computer parts and the Operating System. Often, computers tend to get sluggish over time due to the accumulation of mismatched, faulty, or irrelevant software drivers.

While it's not easy to avoid this problem or fix it manually, programs such as DriverScanner propose a very effective turnkey solution.

What DriverScanner does is scan the hardware on your computer and check to see whether all software drivers are up-to-date and working properly. It also checks for outdated drivers that are no longer being used (such as from an old video card or DVD drive), and removes unnecessary drivers.

By cleaning up redundant and useless drivers, it makes your system much less cluttered, more stable, and faster.

3) SpeedUpMyPC: This is a Jack-of-all-trades type of software, that focuses on several performance optimization features; detecting and removing temporary files and useless files, clearing up the recycle bin, analyzing and tweaking RAM and CPU... among several other features and specialized tweaks.

Have you imagined how cool it would be having your own personal tech wizard ready to come over at the click of a button and change around your PC settings to make it faster? That's just the role of this module, and it works like a charm.

Even as advanced computers users, we were surprised with some of the features included in this module, and its ability to revise computer configurations automatically.

Conclusion: Uniblue PowerSuite Speeds Up A Computer

Overall, we would recommend this software. We have also had a few users, through our feedback form, tell us they had good results with this software. We found that the combination of all 3 tools really helped to regain computer speed.

Uniblue PowerSuite Quality assurance:

  • All changes made by this software are backed up automatically meaning that if anything happens to go wrong, you can revert to the original settings at the click of a button.
  • 30 day refund guarantee: Like any other reputable company, Uniblue offers a full refund guarantee to all customers who aren't satisfied with the purchase.
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner: A distinction that is only attributed to reputable and user-friendly computer software.
If you want to learn all the details and specifications of Uniblue PowerSuite, please refer to the Official Website Here.

If you've already made up your mind, you can Click here to get your copy of Uniblue PowerSuite now!

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