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Auslogics BoostSpeed Review


We had a chance to take a look at Auslogics Boostspeed to see how it did when it comes to speeding up a computer and recovering system performance. When we talk about the slow performance of a computer, there could be multiple reasons for this such as a cluttered hard drive, registry errors, disk errors, etc. Auslogics Boostspeed provides a way to deal with all of above problems in one place.


After some time playing around with Boostspeed, we come to the conclusion that it does a great job overall when it comes to recovering system performance and speeding up a computer. Some of the key features are listed below:

  • Registry Cleaner - Repairs thousands of registry errors to increase PC stability.
  • Disk Cleaner - Removes junk files that slow down a computer.
  • Disk Defrag - Defragments disk drives and optimizes system files placement. Our assesment is that this is better than the Windows Defrag tool.
  • Registry Defrag - Compacts the registry eliminating memory-consuming gaps.
  • Disk Doctor -Finds bad sectors, lost clusters and directory errors and fixes them.
  • Internet Optimizer - Tailors the one-size-fits-all settings to a specific Internet connection.
  • Duplicate File Finder - Helps to find and remove duplicate files that waste disk space.
  • Startup Manager - Allows users to manage programs that start automatically on PC boot.
  • Tweak Manager - Allows users to tune hundreds of hidden Windows settings.
  • Services Manager - Disables unnecessary services that slow down a computer.
  • Uninstall Manager - Completely uninstalls applications that a user no longer needs.
As you can see from the list of features above, Boostspeed has plenty of ways to help you regain system performance. A lot of the tools are standard among PC optimization software, but a few of them are unique to Boostspeed. When you use all of these tools together, they do a great job of optimizing a PC. Boostspeed also comes with a few other tools that are handy, although they do not work to speed up a computer. Two such tool are the File Recovery tool, which Recovers accidentally deleted files from disks, USB sticks or cameras, and the File Shredder, which Erases selected files beyond recovery on a disk or USB stick.

Easy to Use

The software is well designed and easy to use. This is very important since it comes with so many features, tools, and scans. It has a OneButton Checkup function that finds out the best ways to speed up a computer. This is great for the novice user who doesn't want to go into the individual tools to increase performance.

Conclusion: Noticeably Improved Speed

The cost of this program is a about the same as its competitors. We found it for 49.99. Overall, we would recommend this software. We have also had a few users, through our feedback form, tell us they had good results with this software. The two big advantages we thought this software had over other similar software packages was the ease of use and the extensive amount of features. Also, trying this on multiple computers, we found that this software improved system speed by an average of 15-20% according to PCMark.

If you are interested, check out the coupon below. If you use the coupon below, it should be cheaper or equal in price compared to the competing products on the market.

Note (Coupon): We try to find discounts for our readers. If you are interested in the software, you use THIS LINK and you will get a 10% discount on Auslogics Boostspeed. Please let us know if this link doesn't work for you.


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