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Windows 7 Tips

Call me old school if you want, but it took me a while before I finally decided to migrate to Windows 7. However, I did have my hands on the beta version when it was being tested. After criticising Windows 7 for a while, I have decided to become a follower no encomiums please. The truth is, Microsoft has fixed several security and performance issues. A battalion of problems remain unsolved though. Even though the people at Norton security labs would still point to legions of flaws, I've decided to love Windows 7. For one thing, it is the best OS in town. Let's discuss and handpick the top three Windows 7 features.

System Repair Disk

You can't find this feature on earlier versions of Windows operating system. All you need do is type the words "system repair disk" on the start search and click the icon to open the Window. The system repair disk, among other purposes, helps start-up repair, complete system repair, and PC restore. The best time to create a system diagnostic tool is immediately after installation of Windows 7.

Projection Display

With Windows 7, you have control over the projector settings. All you need do is press Win and X keys at the same time. The Windows Mobility Center will pop up for you to turn on the presentation mode and tweak settings.

Screen Recorder

The screen recorder lets you take feedback and send it to someone who can help you troubleshoot a problem. You can capture a series of actions with it. To open this feature, click the start menu and type problem steps recorder on the start search.

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