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How to Use Sticky Notes in Windows 7

One amazing thing I really like about Windows 7 is the sticky note feature. As the name implies, it lets you create sticky notes on your desktop. The background of the note could be set to any color. The minute you create a note, it sticks on the desktop until you delete it.

How to Create a Sticky Note

1. Click on the start button > click on all programs > accessories > click on sticky notes > a blank page comes up for you to type in some text.
2. You can change the text to bold or italics just as you would do in Microsoft Word.
3. To change the color of a sticky note, simply right-click the note and select a color.
4. Click on any empty space on the desktop after you have finished entering the text.
5. When a sticky note is no longer in use, you can delete it by clicking on the delete button at the upper-right corner of the note.

Windows 7 Sticky Note Shortcuts

Underline: CTRL + SHIFT + L
Italics: CTRL + I
Numbered list: CTRL + SHIFT + L
Bullet list: CTRL + SHIFT + L
Strikethrough: CTRL + T
Bold: CTRL + B
To decrease font size: CTRL + SHIFT +<
To increase font size: CTRL + SHIFT +>

Sticky notes can help one to be properly organized. There exists third party post-it notes or sticky note software. Some are freeware and others would cost you a little bit of money. However, the Windows 7 sticky note feature is very good and you shouldn’t have to use this third party software.

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