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Top 5 Spam Email Blockers

No email account is immune from spam messages. Give out your email address for an online registration this minute and it will be listed for delivery of unsolicited messages the next. The Internet is that dynamic and dangerous. In fact, some Web sites sell email addresses to advertising agents and spammers. If the question was how to prevent spam messages, the answer is spam-blocking software.

The goal of a good spam blocker is to create a barrier between your email account and millions of unsolicited messages. By so doing, it protects you and your computer against identity theft, viruses, phishing, and spyware. Such security software must be compatible with popular desktop clients and Internet based email clients. Compatibility with popular operating systems is necessary.

Since email blocking is at the core of what makes a good spam blocking software, a near perfect spam blocker must be able to block/allow email messages based on IP address, public black list, country code filtering, email address, attachment, and type of file.

Below is the list of the top 5 spam blocker in no particular order. Although some are better than others are, for example, I find SPAMfighter pro to be very useful.

  • Cloudmark DesktopOne Pro
  • SPAMfighter pro
  • MailWasher pro 2011
  • ChoiceMail One
  • iHateSpam
Please note that no spam blocking software is 100% effective. A spam blocker saves you time that would otherwise be spent manually deleting spam email messages from your inbox or junk. Protect yourself and your computer today with anyone of the above spam blockers.

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