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What is ReadyBoost?

Have you ever felt like trashing your computer using Windows because your machine keeps crashing or behaving erratically for no good reason? Well, you should know there are some handy tricks that you can use, that sometimes will save you the trouble of rebooting your computer and waiting several minutes allowing you to keep on working.

For example, let's imagine your taskbar and icons are missing all of a sudden. You'll probably think that the only way to keep working is after rebooting your PC, right? This is not necessarily true. When something like this happens, you can restart explorer.exe on the fly, without the need to reboot. Also, if you had any unsaved files, rebooting the computer could cause you to lose your work, so it is best to try to restart explorer first before restarting.

To restart explorer.exe when the taskbar and icons are missing:

1) Press ALT + CTRL + DEL to bring up the task manager.
2) Choose "Execute" or "New Task" from the "File" menu.
3) Type in "explorer.exe" and then hit OK.
4) In less than a minute, your system should be back to normal.

It's actually pretty simple, so you should use this trick often. It will save you many headaches and frustrations, and will allow you to resume your work quickly!

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