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SPAMfighter Review

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According to Internet security experts, 90% of all of emails, worldwide, are spam. Nobody likes unsolicited emails. Although spam is a viral method of Internet marketing, it can be very vexing to receive hundreds or even thousands of unsolicited email messages. Although many software packages out there claim to block unsolicited emails, SPAMfighter is one of a kind. In this article, we review SPAMfighter, one of the top spam fighting agents on the market. Let's take a closer look at SPAMfighter.

SPAMfighter is the premier spam filter that provides protection for millions of homes, offices, and school computers. There are many spam filters around, so when I first heard of SPAMfighter, I wasn't in a hurry to give it a try. I wish I did. I must say I was surprised to discover how unique and effective SPAMfighter is in the fight against spam.

How does SPAMfighter work?

SPAMfighter filters spam in thunderbird, stand-alone servers, outlook and outlook express, and Windows mail clients. There are millions of subscribers all around. There website claims they have more than 9 million users. Daily, spam emails are sent in hundreds of thousands and even in millions to innocent people. SPAMfighter does its best to block these spam emails, just as any other software that blocks spam. However, like any human creation, SPAMfighter is not 100% effective.

How effective is SPAMfighter?

SPAMfighter is about 98% effective in blocking spam. The reason SPAMfighter is very effective is because of its double layer protection. It tries to block spam like any other spam filter but also relies on feedback from users in order to eliminate spam from your inbox.

If a spam email succeeded in passing through SPAMfighter s first layer of security, there is the likelihood that that email will be sent to more than a single user of SPAMfighter. When the email is flagged as spam by more than two users, the SPAMfighter program will then automatically remove this email from all subscribers mail boxes.

Like any other spam filter, without users flagging emails, SPAMfighter is only 80% effective against spam. The millions of users give it the extra edge against other spam filters. For SPAMfighter, the more number of subscribers, the better and stronger the software becomes. One other great thing we noticed about SPAMfighter was the lack of false positives, or good emails that get caught in our spam filter. This lessens the need to check the spam folder as often for important emails.

What we didn't like about SPAMfighter

The main, and probably only, thing we didn't like about SPAMfighter is that the free version adds a footer to the bottom of emails. This footer is an advertisement for SPAMfighter usually.

You can download SPAMfighter for free for 30 days. A full version is about $30. We would recommend giving it a try for free to see how it works for you. Doing some research around the web, we are not the only website/company that is recommending this product.

Download SPAMfighter Now

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