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VIRUSfighter Review

Download VIRUSfighter

VIRUSfighter is another product from SPAMfighter. VIRUSfighter is beginning to gain traction as a lightweight and quality antivirus worldwide. There are many good reviews in its favor. Nonetheless, we are going to review VIRUSfighter ourselves to see what we think.

There is no other way to test than to have a copy of VIRUSfighter running on a computer. Like other products from SPAMfighter, there is a 30 day trial version for those who would like to check it out before buying. The product that we checked out for this review was VIRUSfighter Pro.

Our Take

Generally speaking, it is a quality antivirus from one of Europe's top software companies, SPAMfighter. We all need our computers to be virus-free and that is why we need security tools like VIRUSfighter. Compared to other security software, we think this tool can provide the same protection you can get from other popular security tools like Norton, McAfee, BitDefender, and Microsoft Security Essentials. Keeping the computer virus free is the number one priority of security software and in this case we gave VIRUSfighter a thumbs up.

Easy to Use

Installation was easy and each time there was a new threat, the engine updated itself. We also found the interface to be easy to use as well.

VIRUSfighter Testing Procedure

In testing for this review, we had Norton 360, Microsoft Security Essentials, and VIRUSfighter; all on a single computer system. (This was for test purposes only. Do not run more than one antivirus on your computer, at any given time, as this might make your computer unstable.)

We downloaded several applications online from notoriously bad websites. The aim was to see if VIRUSfighter could identify and remove the threats.

All security tools identified the threats. Next, we checked to see if VIRUSfighter could remove the threats from the computer and it did.

We scanned the computer with VIRUSfighter and when it showed there was no threat in the computer. We then conducted full scans with both Norton 360 and Microsoft Security Essentials. The results showed that the computer was free of viruses. VIRUSfighter has successfully removed the threats and the other 2 antiviruses agreed.

VIRUSfighter is Reliable

We did five sets of tests and VIRUSfighter never disappointed. Therefore, we can say VIRUSfighter is a reliable antivirus.

VIRUSfighter provided good enough protection for computers; however, it was difficult to tell if VIRUSfighter was better than mainstream or popular antivirus tools like Norton 360, Microsoft Security Essentials and others from the test conducted. Download VIRUSfighter Now

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