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Remove Spyware To Speed Up Your PC

Spyware can build up on your computer and slow your PC down over time. Spyware can sneak onto your computer from web browsing or web downloads. One way to to help speed up your computer performance is to detect and remove any spyware. I would recommend Ad-Aware from for a free spyware removal tool.

How To Remove Spyware

  • Download a spyware removal tool
  • Install the spyware program
  • Update the spyware definitions. You will need an Internet connection for this
  • Close all internet browsers and disconnect from the Internet
  • Run the spyware scan
  • Delete or quarantine any spyware that the tool finds
I would recommend running the spyware scan in Windows safe mode. This will help the removal tool to run efficiently and give it the ability to remove as much spyware as it can. I would also recommend running the spyware scan twice the first time you do it. Often times, I notice that the first scan and clean doesn't catch all the spyware.

Removing All Spyware Isn't an Exact Science

The developers who make spyware and malware try to make their software as tricky and as difficult to remove as possible. If you try the free tool from lavasoft and your computer is still slow, you may want to try another spyware removal tool. We have noticed that the different spyware tools seem to be a bit different in what they are able to find. We recommend malwarebytes and microsoft security essentials as alternatives to Ad-Aware as well. These are all good tools to try if Ad-Aware doesn't find the problem initially.

Remove Spyware Regularly

You should run the spyware removal tool on a pretty regular basis. I would recommend running the scan at least monthly to make sure your computer stays spyware free. I always find it easy to just run the spyware scan right after I finish running a virus scan. Some software, such as PC Tools Spyware doctor with Anti-Virus can scan for both at once, making it easier to keep up on.

Recommended Paid Anti-Spyware software

PC Tools Spyware Doctor with anti-virus (Click on this link and enter the coupon PCT20 for a discount) - For the paid anti-spyware, we recommend Spyware Doctor. This software works very well and also comes with a very good anti-virus program as well.

Recommended Free Anti-Spyware software
Ad-Aware - For the free anti-spyware, we recommend Ad-Aware. This free software works well.

remove spyware

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