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Top 10 Spyware Products

Deciding whether you need an antispyware should be based on your antivirus software. Many anti-malware products offer better spyware protection. Several of these 'antispyware and virus' products don't protect computers from spyware as well as they do for viruses. If you notice any of the symptoms below over a long period and after a full scan, then you need a specialized software to eliminate computer stability issues and stop identity theft.

Computer spyware, unlike computer viruses, do not multiply, but can cause an infected computer to become unstable. Some of the undesirable effects include slow computer speed, your computer refusing to boot, and your computer popping up unwanted ads. Also, in your browser, when you get redirected to a different site, which is not the URL you typed, you are infected with spyware. Other symptoms include large disk and CPU use, frozen computer applications, slow Internet speed, and system crashes.

If the problem persists after a full system scan, then it is best to add a good spyware product. Below are the top 10-spyware products - in no particular order - that I've found very useful over the years:
  • Microsoft Windows Defender
  • Counter Spy
  • Webroot Spy Sweeper
  • Spybot S & D
  • Ad-Aware AE (Anniversary Edition)
  • Stop Zilla
  • Spyware Doctor
  • Super Anti-Spyware Professional
  • SpyHunter
  • Malwarebytes (AntiMalware)
In conclusion, avoid any freeware like the plague unless it is coming from a trusted vendor. Some freeware contains spyware and many of these spyware programs can't easily be detected. Several of them are 'smooth-riders' which means that they infect a computer and stay low while doing only two important things recording your surfing behavior and stealing your confidential information.

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