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SPYWAREfighter Review

Download SPYWAREfighter

We have heard a lot about SPYWAREfighter and so we figured that we would come up with a comprehensive review based on our personal experience. SPYWAREfighter is a malicious software removal tool. SPYWAREfighter helps remove and prevent attacks from malware, adware, spyware, and Trojans.

Personally, we think SPYWAREfighter is an overall good spyware removal tool. However, it has both good reviews and some bad reviews on the Internet. Generally, the good reviews outweigh the bad ones. Knowing what other people think, letís do an inspection ourselves.

SPYWAREfighter is quite a formidable tool in the fight against spyware and other malicious software. Every computer should have some type of spyware removal tool. Simply having an antivirus alone does not provide complete protection. A computer needs a reputable spyware tool and a good antivirus software to be completely secure.

SPYWAREfighter: The good

SPYWAREfighter is a reliable spyware removal tool. It finds and removes all sorts of spyware and malware. It is also very user friendly. It can be purchase for $29. Personally, $29 is a pretty good price point for this type of software. For this price, SPYWAREfighter will monitor your system, quarantine infected files, scan archives, and automatically update itself.

SPYWAREfighter: The Myths

News has been going around that calls into question the credibility of SPYWAREfighter. Some reviews are just short of calling it a swindle. This is not true from our experience. SPYWAREfighter may have some drawbacks, just like any security software out there, but it is a good enough security software.

Does SPYWAREfighter raise false alarms to cause users to opt for the pay version? We can only talk about our personal experience. Our take on this is, before I paid for the software, I did use the trial version for a couple of weeks and there didnít seem to be anything like that. It also seemed to find the same errors before and after I paid for the software. However, that is only our personal experience and others could have different experiences.

Is the Web site secure? It is secure. With that concern in mind, I paid for the security software and was on the lookout for security lapses but found none. The site is very secure for transactions and I believe there is a smear campaign to discredit the company. I did purchase a pro version of SPYWAREfighter for this review and I can say the Web site is safe for payment transaction. Also, SPYWAREfighter comes from a very reputable company and I do not believe their website to be insecure at all.

SPYWAREfighter: The Bad

Downloading and running SPYWAREfighter on our test computer was easy. However, updating the software engine was a bit strange as it took way too long to update on a superfast broadband connection. We also thought that a few of the other top spyware removal tools had a more extensive feature set. However, this more extensive feature set, from other top spyware removal tools, comes with a higher price tag.


To wrap it all up, the 30-day trial version is good. It is worth giving it a try to see if you like it. Give it a try and pay for the full version if you like it and think it is worth the price.

Download SPYWAREfighter Now

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