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Is IncrediMail the Best Email Client?

We decided to take a look at IncrediMail to see how it stacked up against the other top email clients. One remarkable thing about Incredimail is the graphic design and features. Nonetheless, this piece of software is far from simplistic when compared to other email clients in the same league. For example, a comparison to Windows Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera Mail and other email clients would show that IncrediMail is far from minimalistic.

Unlike Mozilla Thunderbird and Opera Mail, there are free and premium versions. The free version has all you need to keep receiving mails and sending mails along with a few other fantastic goodies. However, as expected, it is stripped of some important features. The IncrediMail premium version is a one-time life payment.

Installation and set up with this piece of software is fast and easy. One thing that is surely going to bother any first time user is the number of desktop icons it creates. This software, when installed, does not create one, but four icons on the desktop, which the average user would find annoying. To make matters worse, the Icon colors may be deemed as a little bit too much for the computer screen.

IncrediMail is very customizable. There are a ton of beautiful wallpapers and screensavers to choose from when you click on the wallpaper icon. You can also download and add from thousands of IncrediMail wallpapers and screensavers that are available online.

As an email client, IncrediMail has so many goodies such as customizable autoreply, message notifier, and a JunkFilter that helps to filter junk mails. One other major significant feature is the ability to send a message with a picture in the background or create and send an audio message.

One thing that should be noted about IncrediMail is that it has been reported to bog down the speed of a computer. Many users have reported this problem. If you have an older computer, Outlook is probably a better option, as it will run faster and more efficiently.

In conclusion, this is a good email client with great overall qualities and features. However, some of the desktop icons and design can be a little bit of annoying and don't really seem to match the operating system.

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